Wealth Management

Our Approach

Make Informed Decisions to Secure Your Financial Future

Wealth Management is about making the most of one’s resources and strategically handling one’s finances. We always have an eye toward balancing tax efficiency with plan objectives and risk considerations.

To create cohesive and effective strategies for our clients, our services encompass a broad range of interconnected areas that depend on each other for successful planning and growth.  A change in one area can have ripple effects across others, emphasizing the importance of an integrated approach.

We structure and manage financial strategies in a way that minimizes tax liabilities and optimizes after-tax returns. The goal is to maximize wealth preservation and growth by considering the impact of taxes on various financial decisions.

Our Process

Financial planning serves as the foundation of wealth management. It encompasses goal setting, budgeting, cash flow management, and long-term planning. The success of investment strategies and other wealth management components depends on a well-defined financial plan.

We approach financial planning as a collaborative effort providing a framework to make good financial decisions - we want you to enjoy life today…while still preparing for the future.

Focuses specifically on the selection, monitoring, and allocation of assets in a way that aligns with an individual's or entity's financial goals and risk tolerance. 

We employ several investment strategies that can help minimize tax liabilities while maximizing returns.

Retirement may seem like a long way away but planning for it early can make an enormous difference in your comfort and quality of life.

Tax-advantaged retirement accounts are excellent vehicles for saving for retirement while enjoying potential tax benefits. We will consider these options that best suit your specific financial situation and retirement goals. -  401& SOLO Ks, Traditional & ROTH IRA’s, SEP & SIMPLE-IRAs & HSA

Together we plan your resources efficiently to ensure you have the adequate funds for the life you desire after you retire.

Our planning will include --

  • Identifying one’s retirement needs.
  • Determining how much money one needs to retire, comfortably -
  • Managing assets before and during retirement
  • Making the most of your employer-sponsored retirement plans & IRAs
    • Determining when to take withdrawals
  • Managing assets before and during retirement.
  • How to inflation-proof your investment income
  • When should one begin taking social security benefits?
  • How do I plan for Health Care costs -
    • Note - Medicare will not cover everything…..

We develop comprehensive insurance plans addressing life’s “what if’s”

Question - When is the best time to apply for Insurance?
Answer - When you don’t need it.

Protect yourself, your loved ones, your assets, your most valued possessions - from the financial impact of life’s unexpected events.

Insurance planning mitigates risks associated with health, property or business operations and provides a financial cushion. Some insurance products offer tax advantages.

We create a tailored insurance strategy that complements your overall wealth management plan.

Insurance types to consider -

  • Life - provides financial support to dependents in case of the policyholder's death.
  • Health - offers protection against unexpected medical expenses and access to necessary medical services. 
    Disability - replaces a portion of your income if you're unable to work due to a disability. It ensures financial stability during such periods.
  • Long-term care - covers costs associated with assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or in-home care services in case of chronic illness or disability.
  • Property - protects assets -  homes, cars, valuable possessions
  • Liability - shields against potential legal liabilities
  • Errors & Omission (E&O) - a kind of specialized liability protection against losses not covered by traditional liability insurance. It protects you and your business from claims if a client sues for negligent acts, errors or omissions committed during business activities that result in a financial loss.

Estate planning s the process of arranging for the management and distribution of your assets after your death or in case of incapacity. It ensures your wishes are carried out and your loved ones are taken care of. 

Tax considerations play a significant role in estate planning as they can impact the size of your estate, the amount inherited by beneficiaries, and the potential tax liabilities they might face.

Education planning (529 plans) involves setting aside funds specifically for education expenses and prepares one to handle the costs associated with K-12, college and includes some costs apprenticeship program costs.  

529 savings plans grow tax-deferred, and withdrawals are tax-free when used for qualified education expenses. A 529 allows one to send someone to school without having to co-sign or apply for a loan.

Real estate is often a significant part of one’s portfolio and is an important pillar in a tax-efficient wealth management plan. Real Estate offers plan diversification, income streams, long-term appreciation as well as tax benefits.

We ensure that tax-efficient strategies are embedded in all aspects of your wealth plan.

We consider strategies to minimize tax liabilities, to maximize tax-efficient investments, so that we have enhance overall financial outcomes.

The goal is to optimize wealth accumulation while reducing unnecessary tax liabilities.

A diversified portfolio does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult your legal advisor. Cetera Financial Specialists LLC  does not give legal advice.

Real Estate are subject to various risks such as illiquidity and property devaluations based on adverse economic and real estate market conditions and may not be suitable for all investors.