Tax Planning & Preparation are a Vital Component of Your Wealth Health

Whether an individual or a business - the components of your financial framework are unique.  We tailor your Tax Planning and Preparation to be as tax-smart and tax-efficient as possible.

Integrating tax planning into wealth management ensures a comprehensive approach that considers both short-term tax benefits and long-term financial goals.

We utilize ALL the tax-favorable and tax-advantaged offerings. We strive to make the most of, and to protect, your income as well as help you plan for your future.

We don't want you to work hard for years with little to show OR pay more taxes than you should.

We enjoy educating our clients on the benefits of year-round tax planning which helps them make strategic financial decisions.  It’s important for our clients to understand tax implications and the impacts of various financial decisions on their taxes and overall wealth.

Our Tax Forms & Rates - link

Steps to Working with Us -

Engagement Agreement - a signed agreement kicks off your tax prep and outlines key steps & dates. Choose your agreement here

Gathering your documents - Collect all relevant financial documents, including:

  • Income statements (W-2s for employees, 1099s for contractors, investment income)
  • Expense records (deductions, charitable contributions, medical expenses)
  • Property and asset information (real estate, stocks, etc.)
  • Previous year's tax return (for reference)

Completing the Organizer - mandatory(!) - we provide an easy-to-use organizer as a guide

Submitting your Organizer & Documents - at least 30 days before due date - upload your docs to us.

  • Work begins!

Turnaround, Review, Discuss & Sign - We love this place


Touching Base - By making tax planning a continuous process rather than a last-minute task, you can proactively manage your finances, optimize tax benefits, and avoid unnecessary tax burdens.